Introducing the new Aurora collection, handmade with tiny gemstones and sterling silver. The stones I chose for this collection are labradorite, and a favourite of mine, moonstone. They're closely connected, and known as "sister stones" as they belong to the same gemstone family.

The moonstones are a cloudy white with a lovely translucency. Labradorite at first appears to be a grey colour and then flashes with blue when it catches the light. Both are semi-precious, and look really beautiful together.

After making my first pieces with labradorite, I was so excited to discover the myth surrounding the stone. When I shared a photo of one of these new labradorite bracelets, Chloe of Cariad Clay mentioned to me the story of how the northern lights were once thought to be captured within these gems.

The story goes that a warrior found the lights trapped within the rocks and freed them by striking them with a spear. Some of the light escaped into the sky, becoming the aurora borealis and some remained in the stones, now known as labradorite. I completely fell in love with the idea, so much so that I chose to name the collection 'Aurora', after the aurora borealis. Once you've seen the beautiful flashes of colour in these stones you can see why they are linked to the northern lights.




The collection has eight pieces, including a new pair of gemstone earrings made entirely with eco silver. Recycled from scrap silver, I love using eco silver whenever I can as it's so much more environmentally friendly. I plan to keep adding to this range in the future, so be sure to subscribe to the email list if you want to know as soon as new pieces arrive.

I enjoyed making this collection so much, and spent today with my camera playing with compositions and trying to catch those wonderful blue flashes. I'd love to know your thoughts, so do leave a comment below.


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