Sapphire - September's Birthstone

Sapphire - September's Birthstone

The birthstone of September, sapphire. Whether you're drawn to the classic blue hues or are intrigued by their lesser-known shades, sapphires are a captivating gemstone. Get to know more about this precious gemstone and its timeless beauty.


An Ancient Gemstone

One of the oldest known gemstones in history, sapphires have traditionally been associated with wisdom, loyalty, and nobility. In ancient Egypt, Cleopatra is said to have used sapphire in her make-up. Medieval kings wore sapphires in the belief that they would protect them from harm and envy. In Hindu tradition, sapphires were associated with Saturn and were thought to bring prosperity and spiritual growth.


A Stone of Many Colours

Although blue sapphires are the most common, one of the things I love to tell people is that sapphires come in lots of different colours! This is due to the varying levels of iron and titanium in the stone. From pink and purple, to green and orange, sapphires have a beautiful range of colours as well as the traditional blue.


 Natural sapphire necklace   Natural sapphire bracelet

September's Birthstone

If you're celebrating a September birthday, sapphire is the perfect choice for jewellery. Sapphire's array of colours beautifully mirror the changing seasons in nature at this time of year. The birthstone of September, a sapphire necklace or bracelet make a thoughtful gift that's personal to the wearer.


Precious Gemstone

Sapphire belong to the rare family of precious gemstones. They are one of the hardest gems on Earth, scoring a 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which gives it great durability. With only diamonds being harder, this makes them the second hardest natural mineral ever discovered. They are also rarer to find than diamonds!


I'm a big fan of sapphires in their natural, raw form like in this silver necklace and bracelet. The warm tones of the gemstones really capture the beauty of autumn, making me think of falling leaves.

What do you think of sapphire? Do you prefer classic blue or the more unusual colours?

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