Handmade in small batches, always with care and attention to detail. Many pieces are made with unique gemstones, including some limited edition pieces to look out for. All jewellery is made at the Honeydew Club studio in South Wales, U.K.

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Ethically Sourced

Materials are from a few trusted suppliers within the U.K. who pay fair wages and provide safe working conditions. All gemstones are genuine, have been responsibly mined, and only from ethical sources. If you'd like to know the origin of a gemstone, please feel free to get in touch.

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Recycled Silver

Used whenever possible. Sterling silver can be recycled from old jewellery, medical equipment and electronics. Recycled silver has all the same properties as newly made silver, but is a little kinder to the Earth. See the collection of jewellery made entirely from recycled silver.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

All packaging is made from eco-friendly or recycled materials. You'd never know, because it looks just as beautiful as if it were brand new.

Gift boxes are FSC certified and plastic free. Parcels, tissue paper, postcards and ribbon are made from recycled materials, and all packaging is recyclable and biodegradable too.

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Honeydew Club is an independent jewellery business based in South Wales, U.K. Creating minimal sterling silver and gemstone jewellery, all handmade from ethically sourced materials.