Meet The Maker

Hi! I'm Gemima, the designer and maker behind Honeydew Club. I make minimal gemstone jewellery, and have a passion for creating beautiful things. Every piece of jewellery I create is made with care, thought and creativity. I started Honeydew Club in 2016 and six years later, the magic of being lost in creating is still my favourite feeling.

I work from my home in a little village in South Wales. The countryside is gorgeous here. The birds sing all the time and you can see the stars at night, so of course being surrounded by nature is a big inspiration for my jewellery. When I'm not designing, making, taking pictures or bothering my cat, I love to read, explore and daydream.

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Ethically Sourced

For the materials I use, I have a few trusted suppliers within the U.K. to go to, who pay fair wages and provide safe working conditions. All gemstones are genuine, have been responsibly mined, and only from ethical sources. If you'd like to know the origin of a gemstone, please feel free to get in touch. It's really important to me to continue using ethical materials, and all finished jewellery is handmade by myself in South Wales, U.K.


To ensure Honeydew Club can be as eco-friendly as possible, all packaging is made from recycled materials. You'd never know, because it looks just as beautiful as if it were brand new. Everything from the parcels, gift boxes, business cards and ribbon is recycled and recyclable too.


Eco Silver

Made from recycled scrap silver, eco silver is a favourite material of mine as it's much more environmentally friendly than using newly made silver. Currently I offer a range of earrings made entirely from eco silver, and hope to add more to this collection soon.

Vegan Friendly

As a vegan myself I will never use or make jewellery with leather, silk, pearls or any other material that causes harm to animals.

Get In Touch

If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to get in touch - I'll always be happy to answer!