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Rose Quartz Hoop Earrings

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A minimal circle of silver holds tiny rose quartz crystals, to make a beautiful pair of hoop earrings. The silver hoops measure 4cm wide and the gemstones move freely along them.

- Rose quartz

- Eco sterling silver

- Hoops measure 4cm (1.5 inches) wide

- Eco-friendly gift box

Rose quartz

The rose quartz crystals are a pale pink and carefully chosen by hand. Each tiny crystal has its own unique shape, making no two the same.

Eco Sterling Silver

Handmade with eco-friendly sterling silver, also known as recycled silver. Eco silver is a much more environmentally friendly option for fine jewellery, as it is 100% recycled.

Made from recycled scrap silver, it is 925 sterling silver and much kinder to the planet. A wonderful choice for nature lovers and the eco-conscious.

To put the earrings on, simply push the straight bar through your earlobe and latch the hoop behind your ear.

Eco-Friendly Gift Box

Carefully packaged in an eco-friendly gift box, your rose quartz earrings will arrive ready for gift giving.

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